Bulletstorm PS3 Review

User Rating: 9 | Bulletstorm PS3
Looking for a good game to sit down and play? Bulletstorm may just be that title. Featuring an immersive Storyline and great gameplay, Bulletstorm see's you delve into a fantasy and unknown world. After crashing into the island on a ship, Grayson Hunt soon realizes that he's just booked his place on the most violent and wrecked planet known to mankind.

Gameplay to Bulletstorm means that you must guide Grayson through several levels, blasting and shooting your way through hordes upon hordes of mutilated humans. With you and your fellow companions the only living flesh on the Island, creatures and monsters soon take you as bait.

The elimination of monsters and creatures in Bulletstorm awards you with Skill points which you can use to purchase upgrades for weapons and abilities. Completion of many feats unlock some truly amazing bonus material.

Epic have set their standards high with this title, and with an online mode things are looking up for this titles future.