Whenever you lose connection to Xbox LIVE or PSN, you'll should move on to Bulletstorm. A fun single-player experience.

User Rating: 8.5 | Bulletstorm X360
If we can agree on something, it's that fun experiences in a shooter in general comes from the competitive multiplayer like COD, Halo and Battlefield. What I'm trying to say is, it's quite hard for a person with no internet at all to find a great single-player experience in a shooter, until now.
Bulletstorm is a first-person shooter filled with shotguns, grenade launchers, controllable bullets and more great things to kill your foes with which you will get rewarded for when doing it and you will feel like a bad-ass.

Admittedly, Bulletstorm's story isn't particularly compelling. You play as a guy called Grayson who is looking for a girl companion with his half-computed friend, Ishi. There'll be no spoilers after that but I have to say that Bulletstorm is a visual delight, especially when looking at character details, the lighting effects and the superb outdoor visuals.
Then there's the voice acting which you'll either love or hate. If you're the type of person you likes unexpected and inappropriate phrases with a lot of swearing involved, then you'll probably have a lot of fun. If not, you might want to turn the volume down.

There are 3 different game modes in Bulletstorm: Campaign, Echoes and Anarchy (multiplayer). Campaign sees the main story where you'll get rewarded skill points for kicking people to cacti, shooting people in the head, the butt and even the balls. I won't go through all of them. There's too many to name. The skill points that you are rewarded with can be used as credits to spend on ammo, weapon upgrades and leash upgrades. Speaking of leash, this is the thing you use for dragging enemies towards you. Once that's done, they go into slow-motion when they get close enough. From there, do what you want, literally!
Echoes mode sees you getting as many skill points as possible when playing in selected missions from the campaign. You're skill points are used as a score to be put on a leaderboard of both strangers and friends.
Unfortunately, in comes Anarchy mode which sees you and 3 other people trying to kill waves of enemies. It's cool in theory with more skill shots, but people can tend to steal your awesome kills, that saying, Anarchy is better with your friends, but it's very glitchy and at some times can be very slow. You won't be getting a lot of fun from Anarchy mode.

Whilst ignoring the multiplayer, Bulletstorm shines as a single-player shooter. So much in fact that it's the most fun I've had in a shooter in a very long time. There's so many ways to kill enemies, I could go on all afternoon. It proves that you don't always need internet connection in order to have fun in a shooter. Although there's a weak story and maybe unlikeable voice acting, you can always turn the volume down.

+ Superb visuals
+ Really fun gameplay
- Weak story
- Bad multiplayer