Surprisingly memorable.

User Rating: 9 | Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition PC

In the age of world building through multiple titles in a single franchise, its always tough to pick up a completely new title and trust it completely to entertain you, without a plethora of flashbacks from previous titles or a promise of a sequel. Dont worry, because you dont have to trust Bulletstorm, it'll gain that on the way.
Now I havent played the original game released all those years ago, so I cannot make fake comments like "they really upped the anti with the new engine" or "look how the graphics look even better now", instead I was pleasantly surprised to see the really excellent presentation this game offered off the bat. The environments are superbly made with great lighting effects, and the characters are detailed to the maximum level you would expect in this era of video games (2017 to be precise). The sound design is good and the music keeps you going. Yet it is not the easiest route that the game takes to impress you (i.e visual tricks) but old school tight storytelling, great world building and the bonding between characters that spell victory for this game. Although the backbone of the story is pretty straight forward, which is something you would want for a fast-paced shooter, so you dont have to remember a lot of plot details when you head to a new area, it is punctuated by moments of spectacular set-pieces in the gameplay which will give you the bang for your bucks. The environments are in the heart of everything that happens, and the characters brighten up the feel.
Played along the lines of traditional fast paced no-nonsense shooters (a Doom before the new Doom) the hook of the gameplay is an energy whip with which you can pull enemies towards yourself to do as you please, as once airborne the enemies will be in slow motion. Combined with hugely destructive weapons and a kick from a cupboard-sized boot, you will spend every area thinking about how to manipulate the environment to your gory bloody benefit.
If you like crass, tongue-in-cheek humor, testosterone pumped protagonists who still retain the capability of contemplation over his actions and how it effects his psyche, this is very much the game for you. Amidst all the action, hearing your character speak (lines of immature jargon and dick-jokes) still imparts a feeling of connection to the world you reside in.
The fast paced combat which keeps evolving with your decisions to end your foes in the most creative yet easy way possible, amazing set pieces which occur seemingly seamlessly with the run and gun gameplay and a sense of humor which questions your own maturity makes this game one of a kind.
You might like the way it is put together, or you might find it unlikable for the way it does a few things with the story, but you cannot find it unimpressive for all it does in the single player campaign.