Great light fun

User Rating: 7 | Bulletstorm PS3

Bulletstorm is a first person shooter game. That already may sound tedious depending what you like but this time there is a twist. You have to kill as many enemies in the goriest of ways in order to rack up points so you can buy better weapons and upgrades.

While the plot of the game is adequate, that aspect takes a back seat to the gameplay as the player is made busy killing the massive onslaught of bad guys. The game is a little bit of a slow burner. The player starts off with nothing but a "pop" gun that is not entertaining to use, but stick with the game and you will reap the rewards as upgrades come fast. You are part of a team, mainly of three including yourself, and the friendly AI does a good job of helping the player out. Sometimes in games the AI can be more of a nuisance than helpful but that is not a problem here. The gameplay is generally very immersive.

The graphics are decent, not great or bad for 2011, and the voice work by the actors is excellent. The whole tone and feel of the game is quite light which is a good thing. With all the gore, a darker tone would have probably made for a depressing experience but that is not so here.

There are a total of seven acts and by the time of completion there may be a feeling that the game could have offered a little more because it felt generally short but there is a lot to do in those seven acts, so it is hard to complain about the game's length.

Three years have passed since the game's initial 2011 release so I only paid a measly £5, and I have to say it is probably one of the best games I have purchased for that sum of money. I definitely felt that I got my money's worth but I am not sure I would have felt the same way if I had purchased it brand new for a more expensive price.

I definitely recommend Bulletstorm to those that wish to have some light fun on the PS3 for an hour but gamers looking for more serious entertainment may be better looking elsewhere.