A fresh and mechanically solid FPS experience

User Rating: 8 | Bulletstorm PC

If you’re looking for a solid-feeling shooter with some unique twists to keep things interesting, this game has you covered. Based on the "kill with skill" premise, there are some great new mechanics in here, from the leash, to the kicks and alternate weapon fire modes, to make Bulletstorm a very solid and fresh experience that's worth your money - especially at the cheap prices you can get this title for these days!

The story and characters have a unique enough setting blended with touches of humour to keep you interested. All the guns are imaginative and fun to use, and when you really get going and start combining all the games mechanics with enough skill into cohesive firefights, you can get some truly 'oh snap!' moments. Recommend playing campaign on hard for veteran FPS players. There are some good challenge modes to keep you occupied after the campaign is finished for a few extra hours.