A perfect score simply because of the fun factor

User Rating: 10 | Bulletstorm PS3

As gaming continues to evolve, all aspects keep improving - Graphics, Sounds, even Duration in some cases but not sure if the fun factor continues to grow. I'm not saying that games are no longer fun but just that only a few titles released each year are a thrill to play, where you just cant put down the controller.

Bulletstorm is definitely a fun game to play. I havent played multiplayer on this title but the campaign was surely fun & reason enough to buy this.

Fun-Factor: The dialogues are quirky and even hammed (I suspect on purpose) and occasionally funny. The gameplay is superb in this FPS which breaks the tradition with its melee angle. The whole whip, kick, slide etc. routine is whole lot of fun & you even get rewarded by points which can be used to upgrade weapon's alt fire, purchase ammo and increase capacity.

The AI is very good in most cases and that makes the FPS-bit that much more fun. The visuals are very very good.

The difficulty is also just right where you will die a few times but eventually get through. The game will never frustrate you into quitting at any stage. Some of the bosses & monsters are great fun to take down.

The blood & gore is excessive hence recommended for adults only. If you are a fan of this genre then its a "must-play title".