Absolute fun! Madhouse gameplay and shout out loud laughs!

User Rating: 8 | Bulletstorm (Limited Edition) PS3

I love games that remember that games are suppose to be fun and crazy! Don't get me wrong, I like serious games, too. But sometimes you just need to hangout all over the couch with chips in the cushion cracks and beer on the floor! This is "that" game.

Just like the latest DMC game, this game is in your face offensive and funny. Of course it's over the top in everything. Explosions! Bullets! Insults! Blood! Guts! (Special kill points: Rear-entry! Gang-bang!) This first-person madhouse shooter has it all and does it well. In all that, there's even a bit of a redemption story with feeling.

You get a lot of variety with your weapons, but especially fun is a "light-leash" that gives you the power to do all sorts of bad things to your enemies. And you get to kick enemies... in the head... in the gut... in "sun don't shine" areas.

The gamplay environment has great variety and interest.

Totally fun, totally recommended. Like totally.