How do you get your kicks? (Literally)

User Rating: 8 | Bulletstorm X360

What a crafty game, nothing far from the ordinary, but this game nonetheless makes it worth your while.


  • Inventive ways to deal with enemies
  • Discovering the various ways to exploit the environment against enemies is fun
  • It’s made with the Unreal Engine™


  • The characters are shallow
  • The storyline is too short, you don’t want more, you just need more

Bulletstorm™ is nothing short of a fun, get your feet wet adventurous first-person shooter. I like the fact that the developer introduced some new aspects and concepts into the first-person shooter genre makes Bulletstorm™ a prime example of a game that innovated to stand out.

This game is really violent, but the aspect which really gives Bulletstorm™ its mature rating is the use of vulgar and/or strong language, without that it could actually pass off as something your everyday 12 year old would play. Fact is, in essence the cast of Bulletstorm™ is not that mature when it comes to using their words, only two notable sequences for me really stood out where I acknowledged the deep roots and denial of the characters.

The Echoes mode is something creative for competitive-junkies, but it gets old fast.

I would recommend Bulletstorm™ to anyone and everyone that just really wants to casually sit back and laugh at their screens. You’ll get a kick or two out of this game (no pun intended).