Player Beware

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The Admin's/GM's have been instant banning legit players from the game without due process and without peer review evidence before banning a player. Even though if you may go through steam or not and the game also has punkbuster for their anti hack, they've banned players unjustly. The SOE / Bullet Run Forum moderators; the players that posted what happened to them in game about the admin banning them and a few minutes later the posts in the Forums were deleted and would get a violation notice about TOS. Players have sent in tickets to only get a response to suggest to them that they make a new account. Within the first week of playing Bullet Run with a couple of buddies, one of them IGN: ArctiKWolf was banned by someone called IGN Vandle (off duty GM playing the game). So he sent in a ticket plus I told him also to send in the log files to prove his innocents and this was a mistake.....they responded with just make a new account....he had 3 perm weapon on that account. So the ticket was no use, so he post his problem on the forums two of his posts were deleted, so I made a post questioning about wrongful banning. The post I wrote was also deleted; however, two other players also posted about being wrongfully banned, those post were deleted as well. Four different players all made posts about there accounts being banned by GM's. So it is Player Beware and I would suggest any future player that play this game, either get fraps or bandicam to record your game matches from wrongful banning by GM's. This game is dead to us and if they are going to treat their player base like, the game will fail and it going to be the GM's fault.
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I myself am currently Banned from BulletRun and having to go through this super long process at which SOE seems not to care. Althougth I get their emails from my calls and other support requests the actual email that said why I was banned took several hours to get. In the end nothing was helpful and the reasons were canned one line. I have never cheated on a game and I like you feel this is just crazy.