Decent download, not for everyone.

User Rating: 7 | Buku Sudoku X360
Some puzzle games are addictive and it seems like Sudoku is no different. Its hard not to find a newspaper doesn't have the puzzle game within its pages. While I am not going to write how to play the game. I am writing this hoping you have a little understanding on how to play. Most puzzles can be solved in under five minutes so its hard to write in detail about a repetitive game like this.

The game comes with a large assortment of puzzles, a total of 1200. 6X6, 8X8, 12X12 and the standard 9X9 are included. While you can download two additional puzzle packs to double the size of the puzzles.

Game play:
While you have single player options. You have co-op and battle modes. You have even online option to play with other Xbox Live members. The controls are customizable and easy to learn.

Simple graphics layouts that you can choose with every puzzle. Different themes from kids blocks to a desktop computer.

Sound and Music:
A repetitive music depending on the them chosen. Sounds of beep and clicks when you write down answers. Nothing too fancy but it works

Three difficulty levels to test your brain power. If you know how to play you'll find them all the same.

Final Thoughts:
If you get a newspaper every day or even go to certain websites that have free puzzles then there is no need to get this game. If you want a fun puzzle to play online then is an option not the best of options but its still an option.