This game will drive you looney tunes...and not in a good way.

User Rating: 5.5 | Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble GEN
Simply put, this game is an outrage! That's right. An outrage! Bugs Bunny is an American Icon. He's probably the most entertaining figure in the history of showbiz. He can sing. He can dance. He can tell jokes. He can do anything! And he's timeless. Even you young'ns out there know who Bugs Bunny is...even though the Television industry has decided not to show Warner Bros. cartoons anymore, and is insistent on giving only the worst junk imaginable any airtime.

So yeah, like I said. Bugs Bunny? The Looney Tunes cast? Timeless, amazing, characters to be cherished until the end of time. So how does this game treat our childhood hero? Like the kid with a learning disability that nobody wanted...that's how.

Where to begin. Let's start with graphics. They tried their best, sure. Some characters look how they're supposed to. Bugs has a few poses that are very reminiscent of the ol' stinker, and so do a few other character. But then there are times that they look off...and then there are times where they look WAY off. Not only that, but this game is based on ANIMATED characters. Fun, bouncy, squash and stretchy characters. So naturally they're about as animated as your dead dog. It looks horrible. And a lot of times they just snap from pose to pose...and on top of that they don't even hold that pose long enough for you to tell what they're doing. My god it's awful.

And why does everything have that almost realistic, but almost cartoony feel? It's based on cartoons! Why aren't they all as cartoony looking as possible?! I have a theory it's because the people who made this game were actually making a different game, it didn't work out, so they grabbed a bugs bunny license, stuck him in this game, shipped it, made some money, then felt guilty, and went home and killed themselves in front of their families. That's just one of my theories.

Plus the music is SO 1996. It sounds like some of that crap you would see on Mtv and just laugh at because people actually bought that crap...including yourself. You think they could have put some classic cartoony sounds and music in the game....but again...see my theory above.

I rated this game a 5.5. And the only reason it didn't get worse is because there are moments where you can see glimpses of effort. Bugs hits his head and sees stars. It takes place within some classic cartoons (knighy knight bugs, and the classic bull fight cartoon are just a few examples). Plus a lot of looney tune characters show up. Daffy, Yosemite Sam, Marvin the Martian, just to name a few. And it tries to vary up the action by having most of levels feel different from each other.

But the controls are so sloppy, and some of the mazes are so frustrating, that you just end up screaming that you don't care anymore, drop the conroller, leave the game running, and go for a walk. Seriously...this game is THE counter argument against games causing obesity.

So instead of playing this frustrating, lousy, poorly put-together, sick joke...just go buy some Warner Bros cartoons on DVD and have a good time....while hitting this game with a mallet.