Very immature, addictive, puzzling and funny. After all, it's Looney Tunes.

User Rating: 9 | Bugs Bunny & Taz: Time Busters PS
This game brings so many memories. I've played it as a kid and, quite honestly, I'd love to play it again someday. Well, I guess before anyone indulges in playing this sort of game, one has to realise this game is very Looney Tunes-ish. So, wacky mischiefs are very frequent, but they're definitely entertaining.

Bugs Bunny's Lost in Time was alright, but it was missing something. That something has been replenished in this game. Taz and Bunny's ability to cooperate and role-switch were brilliant additions, along with the witty and funny characters.

What I definitely liked was the thematic division of the levels; Arabian era, Aztec era, Transylvania etc. Bosses were hilarious and mind-blowing. The graphics, if you consider this is an older PS game, were actually very good and totally cartoon-like.

Additionally, the game isn't very easy. It will definitely demand a certain amount of time from the player to go through and analyse the levels. The story was brilliant, incorporating authentic Looney Tunes characters and voices.

I think everyone should try out this game. Even if it is stereotyped as "for children", I'm pretty sure even the more experienced players would find some levels quite time-taking.