You'd probably be dissipointed when you see the results of this game.

User Rating: 2.5 | Bubsy II SNES
Some critics actually love this game. But for me, I think this game is as bad as living in a outhouse. In fact, I'd rather live in an outhouse than play this piece of crap. Bubsy has to do something I don't care about. I don't care about the plot.

The control, is not superior to other's. Sure, it has lots of options, but does it really live up to it? No! You'll just land in a pit, start the whole level over, and bang your head on the control, while your mom is calling you for dinner.

The graphics are completly the same! Like every other gaame, it is the same! Accloade was insane when they made this graphics!

The camera is just awful! Bubsy would wander off and you'd look at something else he's already been in for a split second.

The sound is not that fond. It's just the crap everybody hates! Finally; the music. It sucks so bad, you'd rather listen to 20's jazz just to calm your system!

Bubsy couldn't have gotten any worse than Bubsy II

Unfortunatly, he did.