The game feels really broken and just like the developers didn't know what they were doing.

User Rating: 3.9 | Bubsy II SNES
Now, I have heard bad things about the first one, and even it's 3D game that came out later. But this game, just feels broken, awkward, unfair, and just plain frustrating.

First of all, you're a Bobcat named Bubsy, a cartoony looking character you'd probably see during a saturday morning cartoon lineup during the 90's. The game has some nice voice clips whenever you enter a level or even die(which would happen a lot.) that can be a bit annoying but they're basically the best part of the game anyway. The music is very badly done, it's more of an annoying chirping than actually being music, same with the sound effects, there's nothing special about them. The sound in my own opinion is very poor compared to what the Super Nintendo's sound chip has done in other games, such as Super Mario World, Star Fox, and even Sparkster.

Next there's the game play. First of all when you enter a level and start playing, you'll probably feel how Bubsy can accelerate a little too fast which can lead to running into another problem; MANY unnoticeable traps and hazards. Say you'll be running along in a level, and all of a sudden you'll die after taking off at Sonic like speed and be utterly confused at what could have killed you, which makes this game feel really unfair and just plain frustrating. Also, the lack of attack button(which was oddly made a 'glide' button?) makes the game more frustrating than the level design flaws. There are so many enemies that while trying to run through a level, you start going really fast and because of slippery controls you'll slip right into the bad guys and get hurt. At least the devs were forgiving and gave the Bobcat health but it doesn't alleviate how hard it is to even get a third into the level.

Next the graphics. Now the graphics are nothing spectacular, but they are decent enough to look at, but it still doesn't save the game from it's already many flaws. Bubsy's animations aren't very fluent looking, but he has many animations that are a little redundant but possibly enjoyable if you like that Looney Toon style of humor.

This game, even back when it was released is completely not worth it. I don't suggest ever playing this game, because it'd be a well amount of time wasted on a trashy and plain unfun game.