....This game really scares me to death

User Rating: 1 | Bubsy II SNES
I hate Bubsy 2. It's so scary. Like when I turned off the light before going to bed, anything can happen and frighten me to death all the sudden.

What a piece of garbage this is. It's like life has had its potential torn down apart. You think this game is fun?! Seriously?! Anyway, let's just talk about its aspects.

The graphics are so horrible! They look like some kind of Space Invaders slash Zelda slash World War 1 slash other things that are not Bubsy. Man, I'm just scraped at this game.

I really hate the bosses in this game. They're so pointless. And seriously, Oinker P. Hamm?! That character looks alot simular to Ganondorf from Zelda. He's not a Woolie you know.

Anyway, Bubsy is a bobcat who survives any kind of level. Yet he's a parody of Sonic. I'm serious.

This game is horrible. If you play this game, you'll be like haunted by some kind of weird bouncing toys and stuff. I mean it. Bubsy 2 is such a worthless game that scares the heck out of everyone away. I can't stand this horrible f***ing game. I just can't work like that. I'm outta here.