This really is a Multiplayer game otherwise it really is not impressive.

User Rating: 7.1 | Brute Force XBOX
I like this game its a lot of fun but only when you play with friends that is during the campain mood. To play single player is just ... not the same it feels more like a chore that need to be done just because you bought it than a game you want o put on for fun.

The death match modes are different in a way good but just not really anything to talk about. The controles are just too akward for a fun round of death match. maybe it is just too advanced for this gen. I mean if the trees and grass were better it may have added to the game but it just dosen't work for me.

Overall its a good game for campain mood with 4 players other than that its just not up to par with the other shooter games on XboX.