Hilarious, fun, and entertaining, Brutal Legend will have you laughing as well as rocking out! Destructioooooon!

User Rating: 9 | Brutal Legend X360
With not a ton of hype surrounding this game as the release date approached, I was a little leery of getting this game, but my gut feeling insisted on me making the purchase.

I am sure glad that I listened to my gut.

This game rocks. Literally. With a soundtrack stuffed to the rafters with metal from great bands such as Iced Earth, 3 Inches of Blood, Dethklok, and Sabbath just to name a few, there is no way of denying that fact. But its not just the soundtrack that makes this game so entertaining, its also the addictive gameplay that is just fun! So far (I have not finished the game) the game is very entertaining and great looking, thanks to the creative mind of Tim Schafer (Psychonauts, Monkey Island, etc.) and Double Fine Productions.

This is not your usual open-world hack and slash game, oh no, this game is something more. Eddie also has the ability to control an army to create destruction at his very will! It is sort of the mix of God of War style button mashing with a hint of Overlord. Your army begins with the ability of controlling "Headbangers" that will literally head-bang the crap of anything that you command them to. Though you are also armed with a badass battle axe called The Destroyer (I think thats the name), and with the help of a very special rocker (no spoilers) you will have the ability to upgrade yourself as well as your Axe and vehicle.

So far, I have only found a couple of things that had me going "really?". While minuscule to the shear power of rock that flows through the veins of this game (err.... too much?) I feel that they should be mentioned.

No jumping. I have never really understood this play style, but yeah, Eddie cannot jump, though he does however do a flying downward thrust with a press and hold of the X button.

The story can be a little confusing. While I figure that you are going to find out whats going on as you move through the games main story, I can't help but wonder "What is going on? Why is this going on? What the hell happened?".

No HUD. While I like my experience to be as "realistic" looking as I can expect from a game about a roady that gets killed and wakes up in a universe that is completely paved with metal references, I still would like to know how much health I have so I can see how damaging the enemies attacks are. You know, for scientific purposes....

Like I said, so far those are the things that stood out while I played. I doubt that there will be many more to complain about.

Anyways, my suggestion is to definitely give this game a play. I will be pretty sure that unless you feel that rock music is "The devils calling for sinners" you will find that this game has much to offer!

** BTW, there is Multiplayer, that from what I have seen is kind of an RTS style gameplay, but as of this posting I had not checked it out, so I have not included it in the ratings, statements, or any judgements that I have made of this game.**

Hope that you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!