Was Brutal Legend worth the buy does it truely rock like hell?

User Rating: 8.5 | Brutal Legend X360
Brutal Legend is a great game.The story is fun,the gameplay is fun and brutal.The soundtrack is great also.You play as Eddie Riggs a roadie who gets summoned to a metal fantasy land where everything is metalfied.The graphics are great besides a few glitches here and there they could have worked a little bit on that because when a whole lot is going on or your driving really fast the frame rates seem to freeze a bit,nothing major but could have been improved.The story of the game is fun it never takes itself to seriously which lets players have a good time with it.It has a feature of where you can turn the gore levels down and you can bleep the language out,which makes it funny to hear them beep.But why would you want to thats what i want to know i like to hear everything and see all the action and gore.The cutscenes are good and funny too.The story is funny at all times but there are times when it gets a little more serious.It combines brutal action with a strategy type gameplay also which allows you to command your metal army.The name of your army is the Ironheade's which consist of you and some very unique members such as the headbangers which fight with their heads instead of weapons or fist.There also is another faction/army which you have to battle against at some point or another,there are 2 of these which are called-Drowning Doom which also consist of some unique members such as Ratguts and such.Then the other is Tainted Coil.Which also has unique members such as Soul Kissers.You have to fight these other armys in the game which makes it even funner.You can also summon your car Duece,by playing guitar solos to summon it.You can do a battle cry to recruit other members into your army.The story is very dark and comedy like which makes it good.I would recommend this game to anyone who likes action games.

The Good-Great gameplay.Awesome songs.Cool features such as adding weapons to the duece.Brutal attacks.Great Story.

The Bad-This game is way to short and if you dont have Xbox live you cant really have fun with the multiplayer.Unless you just practice with the A.I