F-ing horsesh**!!!!!

User Rating: 5 | Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway X360
This game is **** terrible, I think I'm gonna trade this p.o.s. In for medal of honor airborne. Sluggish gameplay, pretty good graphics but this game just sucks, I don't know where the gamespot review guy came up with an 8.5, I don't think I'll ever listen his hs again, I'll tell you that much, pay attention to the player reviews and get more then one opinion on a game. An 8.5 for this game is just waaaaayyyyyyy too generous, the guy must be a total fool... I spent 20 bucks this lame pos and now I'll be lucky to get 10 bucks for it. Gamestop is a f-ing rip off too, with their b********t pricing just buy games on the Internet, otherwise youll get ripped off, do research, and don't buy people's crapp!!!!! Makes me soo angry what con-artists are out there making a living off of peoples stupidity, it's really a crime to have such garbage on the shelves in American stores. Just because the developers go through school doesn't mean they are talented by any means whatsoever, and that is the STONE COLD TRUTH LOL....... sob....... Why does s**t have to be sooo difficult???? Uggghh justice may never be served the way it should be. Let me rephrase that, justice WILL never be serve here on earth the way it should be!!! I you don't believe me then f***k you. I feel like rattling my 360 while this game is still inside it, ha.. But I want my the ten bucks, pretty sure I'm gonna return this for mod airborne. Sorry to be so mean....so blAhhhhh whatever f u.