No health one man charge into thousands of enemies..Hells' Highway truley shows what war is all about.

User Rating: 9 | Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway X360
From the moment u pick up the controler you will fear for you life, as Hell's Highway places u in the middle of the war...making you care for the lives of your team mates and of Matt may describe it more as a movie, cut scenes are lengthy and very deep, as the game tries to built a meanigfull story line...finaly releasing some secrets from "hill 30". The Gameplay has not changed much since the original, one still needs to rely on his team and flanki9ng tactics to eliminate the german opposition. The major change was the inclusion of "special teams" such as Mg and Rocket launcher, which adds a spin in the fighting.

new comands have been added and graphics have greatly imporved ( although it does not match the one of GoW or Halo3). The Ai is good most of the times..with minor glitches mainly concerning you team movement..however both enemy and friendly Ai move if being flank, place suppressing fire on enemies and shout in battle information.

The bigest down side of the game is the cinametic graphics, as it is often late..making the scene poorly rendered for a few seconds...also new comers of the series will feel out of the game heavly reliese on the previous games for its story line..and as the recap at the begeining does not give a clear view of things.

In Genreal BiA:HH is on of the best war game out there, and anybody which loves this era..or just plan old chaos need to get his hands on this.