The third installment in the Brothers In Arm's Series hits the shelves this week after almost two years of delay.

User Rating: 9 | Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway X360
Simply put Brothers In Arms Hells Highway is great. Honestly, not perfect, not going to win awards, but is a great game. After waiting 2 years and a bit since the first trailers came out i have been excited about this game, Ive played the past two in the series and they were great, but by far, Hell`s Highway takes the cake. Crisp but not OUTSTANDING graphics, but a solid example of what the Unreal Engine 3 can do.

Graphics-8.0- not quite `next gen` but solid nonetheless.
Sound-8.5- voice acting is great, but other parts of the game seem... not so ambient as the past two.
Game-play-9.5- there is a cover system, simple squad commands, easy Rainbow Six Vegas controls, and a kick ass gore system.
Bang-for-your-buck-7- the multi-player isn't that great, anybody who buys this game will get it for the single player though probably.

OVERALL: 9.0 not an average