Already loving every moment of it

User Rating: 8.5 | Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway X360
Now, this game had a lot of hype to it when it was announced. After being dragged on for nearly 2 years of devolopement, you'd expect this to be good. Well folks, all that time and effort that's been put into this has payed off. Beautiful, stunning graphics await you at cut scenes, along with in-game play. Sqaud control feels natural, with some noticeable shotty AI sometimes though. The key to surviving in this game is cover. If you don't find cover, then paint a target on your head to make it easier for them. I was very disappointed in the multiplayer I might add. I was expecting a nice online play, but graphics are somewhat bad online. With only one game mode, it starts to piss you off after a while. This is the game thats single player will most likely keep you playing. It tells the story as a Hollywood film would, deep and detailed. This game really goes deep into what it's like in being a true soldier, such as the emotional feelings. Other then the online, this game has me hooked, and will entertain me for hours on end