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User Rating: 8.9 | Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood XBOX
This is one of my favourite WWII games to date.

Okay so it wasn't as i imagined. Still the same graphics, and the same sound, although they appear to have fixed a bug that i encountered alot in the first installment of the game. Which occured when i was firing the Thompson and changed weapons, the sound of the Thompson firing would continue to play, and would be louder than any other sound in the game, so i would have to turn my Xbox off and turn it back on again, which got annoying over time.

This time around you're playing as Sgt Joe Hartsock. The red-headed, B.A.R toting troublemaker from the first game.

The game starts before the end of the origional. Except you are playing D-day and onwards from Sgt Joe's perspective. The tutorial is still there from the first game. Although a different layout.

Immediately after i encountered the first group of Germans, i realized how much they have improved the A.I, several times i found myself in a check-mate. With the Germans slowly flanking from left, right and center. This achieved, in my opinion, a more immersive WWII experience.

I found that i encountered lag on a few occasions. But not enough to spoil my impression of the game.

The best thing i found about this game. Was once you finished the single player (i'm not going to tell you about the ending, i'll keep that as a suprise) is the brand new Skirmish mode which you can do co-operativley (either solo, split-screen, system-link or over Xbox Live).

These sets of missions brought new life to the game after i had played through the single-player a few times. In Skirmish mode, you can either play as the U.S Army or the German Army, and control 2 squads over a variety of different modes (objective, defend or timed assault).

To end this review, i would say that everyone who enjoys immersive WWII combat will get something from this game, pick this up for an especially low UK Price of £9.99 from .

Wow real mature "Raddishsmoke".