Repetitive and uninspired

User Rating: 4.5 | Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons X360
Graphics are good: 7,5/10
Music is mediocre: 5/10
Sound is medioce: 5/10
Voices are emulated: 1/10

The Gameplay is easy and uninspired. You are stearing two guys simultaneously on your symmteric gamepads sticks and buttons.
The idea seems fun at first but it becomes repetetive and monotonous even in the first few missions so that one has a feeling of doing work in spite of playing a game.

The hype and ratings for this game are not comprehensible at all. Some comparisons are just nonsensical: The game has absolutely nothing to compare it with Journey, Ico or even Shadow of the Colossus. Those are totally different and much better beasts to play.

There are no sampled voices in the game at all. The designers
copied the old Nintendo way of emulatingvoice by beeping nervwrecking samples which is unacceptable for a current generation game.