Brothers A Tale Of Two Sons

User Rating: 7 | Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons PC

"Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons" is a 3D puzzle platformer where you control two characters at the same time. The big brother is controlled using the Left Stick and his action button is the Left Trigger, whereas the little brother is controlled using the Right Stick and his action button in the Right Trigger.

Big brother is stronger so can pull the tougher levers and can swim. Little brother can fit through small spaces. For the most part, you will move them both at the same time, but there are sections that require one brother to move on ahead, then perform some kind of action which will help the other brother progress.

The majority of the puzzles are very simplistic but the challenge comes from the co-ordination of the brothers. I'd imagine some people will struggle more than others with the control scheme but I think this kind of challenge is very entertaining.

There are many random items and people that you can interact with for humorous results, and it's cool that the different brothers give different results. There's a guy with a harp, and the big brother has no musical talent, whereas the little brother seems musically talented much to the surprise of the musician. Big brother will simply peer down the well, whereas little brother will spit in it. It was good to look out for objects to potentially interact with.

I think the game does well at mixing up the environments and giving you different kinds of puzzles to keep things interesting. You will visit villages, mountain areas, forests, caves, castles and more.

The dialog in the game is in gibberish but there's not many cutscenes to deliver the story. I think the game's content was surprisingly dark. It does start by explaining the little brother's fear or water because he saw his Mother drown. You are currently on a quest to find a cure for your ill Father. Along the way you do find a guy about to commit suicide, there's a cult about to sacrifice a woman who you end up rescuing, and there's the death of certain characters (one of which is a surprise death shortly after you rescue them).

The game only takes a few hours to complete and is enjoyable, but maybe not as revolutionary as some critics made out at the time of release.