Could have been a lot better

User Rating: 5 | Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons XONE

Enjoyable soundtrack that sets the mood to the game.

Some noticeable bugs from the jump. During the intro cut scene, I noticed the little brother's clothing change shades 3 times and it doesn't even look like they are walking on environments, It looks like they're floating across the land.

Game Play:
Not really a fan of it. I found it kind of annoying dealing with the triggers controlling both brothers. It's unique but frustrating at times and takes what could have been a simple puzzle game and turns it into an annoyance.

Good story. Incredibly short, Only takes a little over 2 hours to beat it. A bit over priced imo considering the short length and lack of replay value. Game play can be annoying to master and difficult at times. Plenty of noticeable visual issues.

Overall: 5/10
From the jump, You notice visual issues that bring the game down. Add on the annoyingly difficult game play and it takes what could have been an enjoyable indie game and turns it into a disappointment.