Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

User Rating: 8 | Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons PC

I feel like this should be called Brothers: A Tale of Two Ninjas. These two boys have extraordinary upper body and arm strength to propel themselves around terrain, obstacles, and each other like that. :P

This game is beautiful, astounding, amazing, thoroughly heart-wrenching. I love it. There are side objectives that are never explicitly stated. There is extra exploration to be done. There are beautiful, Fable-like graphics, and there is a heartbreaking revelation. The scenery was mesmerizingly colorful, detailed, and extraordinary. The game was so simple, but required so little explanation; in fact, it contains barely English at all, even in text. It doesn't need to. What the quest is is clear, spoken about in the pleasant, memorable language of Naiee and his brother Naia, and you're helped along by only the most necessary of instructions before being let to figure things out on your own. Armed with only two brothers, you shall travel across a magical land to fetch all-healing water in order to save your sick father. But unfortunately...

And the "unfortunately" speaks to a beautifully unique, captivating journey that is short but very sweet, and more than that, heavily bittersweet. An absolute tragedy. A tremendously beautiful game. The only downside is the controls are a bit awkward on the keyboard, as this game is definitely more suitable for being played on a controller.