Surprisingly Gorgeous looking and emotional!

User Rating: 9 | Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons PC

I have bought the game maybe two years ago, when I read good reviews about it and when it went on sale on steam. I have just played it on my new lenovo gaming laptop. I am only mentioning this because I thought the visuals were gorgeous, and it deserve to be played on a good PC. (Mine comes with Nvidia 960)

I was amazed by the story and emotions involved in the game. It might not be very obvious at the beginning of the game, but trust me it surprisingly gets epic. Although the game has no narrator nor it uses a known language, it communicates the story very fluently through the scenes. I want to say more but I think I might run into spoiling the story for the reader.

I highly advise buying and playing this game. I also highly recommend playing it with a joypad. I first played it with a keyboard and I almost gave up on it. It was really confusing to play on a keyboard and I couldn’t control the players properly. The puzzles seem to be more enjoyable when played with a joypad, and it seems that the way the creators intended it to be.

If I ever want to criticize anything about the game, it would be that I wanted to have more puzzles and a little more complication to come with them.

Final verdict: