A Unique Adventure.

User Rating: 9 | Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons PS3

This game has spiked my interest in reviewing games, it's so unique that I feel the need to share my thoughts.

Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons is a short but beautiful story about two brothers who embark on a journey through a fairy-tale like land that are encountered by many dangerous paths along the way. Apart from the beautiful aesthetics the most unique quality of this adventure is the twin-stick controls used to control both brothers throughout your journey. Both brothers will need to help each other out by activating switches and moving objects so the other one can pass. Both brothers have Individual abilities which the other brother is unable to do, which gives this journey a lot more character and personal depth.

Another unique feature I've found with this tale is the incomprehensible language they speak which is mostly made up of different sounds, fortunately they still show emotion through body language and tone of voice which helps in directing where your two brothers must head.

Although this game is only 3 hours of gameplay it's unique style, beautiful and inspiring story and also the innovative gameplay controls makes this game unlike any other and really pulls on those heart strings.

This game is currently available for free download with a PS:PLUS subscription on PS3. If you love a good story and something new and exciting that may even inspire you to write a review about (like me) I'd definitely recommend this beautiful game.