Don't get fooled with the short duration of the game, by the time you finish it, you will be crying and applauding.

User Rating: 10 | Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons PC
Can you tell me a story without saying a single word? can you make a film without a dialogue? Well, as impossible as it seems, Starbreeze studios managed to create something that i can't really describe. is it a game,a movie or a short story? I think it's a combination of all three.

Brothers: A tale of Two sons is a well-written story, an exceptional movie and a beautiful game, written and directed by the Swedish award-winning film director,Josef Fares.

The key element in this game is the fact that the characters don't say anything in particular. there is no actual dialogue and the game is mostly presented from a far view so it's not about facial expressions. taking dialogue and expressions out of the equation, the writer and the director of this masterpiece managed, in the short duration of this game, to captivate us. it's like going through an adventure set in a 2 or 3 hour movie like presentation, with simple immersive plot and beautiful presentation.
you will be touched by the end of this game. you will be amazed. you will shed some tears. Josef managed to create strong bonds between the player and the characters with no words and in a very short time. that's what this game is all about.

In terms of graphics, this game is one of the most beautiful games i have ever seen and believe me I have been playing different genres of games on different platforms since 90's. you will experience some jaw dropping moments. well designed environments crafted in a marvelous way, varied, detailed and simple.
There is one thing though about the graphics i have to say. shadows Res is a bit low. it could have been a lot better and would have added to the already beautiful game.

Gameplay: you control the two brothers together to solve puzzles. it's all about multitasking. it's not a difficult job and you will get the hang of things early on the game. In fact, the game offers no real challenge, with easy to moderate puzzles and simple game mechanics.

Bottom line: get this game right now. Don't miss this masterpiece. If you feel bored of racing games, rpg's, shooters, MOBA's and so on. try Brothers now. you will not regret this.