Worth to give a try

User Rating: 8 | Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons PC
Well from where i must start?
Gameplay: Not hard at all.I must say easy, very easy.
Character movement : A bit weird coz u must control same time two characters,but after a bit u get used to it.
Duration of the game : About 10 hours with breaks.Big breaks.
Graphics : unreal engine says all
Story : Fantastic, excellent, very emotional
Ending : Very sad (find me with tears in my eyes)
Gryphs : Easy but some of them very smart
All the duration of the game i find my self interact the character with benches and watching far away so i can see the magic of the area!
For the end i must say a big bravo to the developments of that game and also a big bravo to the story writer or writers.Maybe the game has short duration but all the above can make u forget that.
Ps.That reminds me a similar game named Papo & Yo.
Ps.I gave 8 score coz of small duration of game