Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is truly a magical fairy tale !

User Rating: 9 | Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons PC
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons finally hits the PC, is it any good though ?

Story: In Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons you play as both the little and the big brother who are trying to find a cure for their sick dad. Their mother has passed away, drowning infront of her younger son who is now afraid of water and feels guilty for not having the strenght to help her. The story is set in an amazing world filled with magical creatures and fun to interact with villagers.

Gameplay: The game plays as a platformer, you'll be climbing around, going through obstacles and trying to solve the puzzles. There is not much combat so if you expect fighting, there isn't any in this game. Each brother has his own personality and abilities, more of this is shown as you play the game and interact with different objects and people. For instance one of the brothers can interact with animals while the other can interact more seriously with the villagers. The game is best played with a controller. Playing with a keyboard is not impossible but it's a little frustrating at times and it slows down the pacing of the gameplay. You can also play the game with a friend which is always better.

Graphics: The graphics are gorgeous. The world is immersive, beautiful and it really makes you feel as if you were in a fairy tale. I don't really have anything bad to say about how the game looks.

Sound: The sound is great, the characters have their own little language which adds even more charm to the game.

Verdict: I give the game a 9.0 because it's beautiful, has a great story, unique characters and you can beat it with a friend. While playing I didn't have any problems at all, no bugs, no glitches. It's really worth playing.