What do you think happened at the different locations?

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I have played through the game 3 times now and every time the game is still just as heartbreaking. But I want to know what do you think happened at the various location that the brothers travel through? I am most curious about the spider cult because I don't know if the girl was innocent and turned into the spider/woman or the cult captured her knowing of her secret. And the snow city too. Flash Freeze? or are all those bodies just snowmen?
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background throughout the game is beautiful, i esp like giants battlefield
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I liked the most the castle where you find the bird owl,I just cant think of what could happen if they left the girl behind

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I think she was some kind of witch ,and this was the reason which those people were trying to kill/sacrifice her at the first place and when the brothers asked her who were they and why they wanted to kill you she answered I don't know ...