Not good as the old ones. B.S. lost its character.

User Rating: 2 | Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon PC
B.S. is one of my favourite game series for its fun, adventure and humour. None of the standards are in this game, according to my opinion. Problems with graphic card freezing but that is the least. Good atmosphere though and good puzzles, but that's all. They actually made the graphics grate and did not give a chance to the old i.d. Maybe the characters got older...
I gave it a 2 not because I thought it was a bad game. Maybe if I had played it first or separately or never played the older ones I would give it a 7. But it would be unfair to what I was expecting. I think the developers must stay to the point with this game series. It is a cartoon-comedy category. Not another adventure game. I hope in the future we will see it. Other games series that stayed the way they were did not cost any sales.
Sorry for my English