What happened to originality?

User Rating: 6.8 | Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon PC
BS3 attempts to 'create' a sequel to the Templars, which falls short somehow. Storyline is rather linear, and moves in a rather predictable direction. The main gripe is gameplay, directional controls are irritating when the camera angles change, leaving you running in different directions than intended. Another problem is the dialogue part, you can't skip useless dialogue and have to hear it through. Most of the dialogue between George and Nico are amusing, especially the ones regarding Petra the Blonde.

And for example a door gives you three options, to observe or open, which mostly are lock, and lastly to listen through it. The third is absolutely obsolete while opening it mostly gives you a one sentence line indicating that it is locked. Gets on your nerves after many of such encounters really. Puzzles are mostly the normal push crate type, which drags down innovation, the one in Egypt with Horus, seems to be a rip off from readers digest, save for the room in which you have to reflect lasers off the mirrors, that one was rather good.

However the game does have good points too, like when you have to scale walls and push crates/blocks, the flexibility of choosing how you want to do it is good.

But seriously, I've played Broken Sword 1 & 2 which had less than amazing graphics, but I feel that the storyline for both outshine BS3. If BS3 didn't attempt to expand on the Templar arc but created a new storyline, it would have been better.

Overall this game is worth a play, but only once IMHO.