Classic brain twisting game. The characters are more alive. Puzzle fun to solve. Not much on the storyline.

User Rating: 7.3 | Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon PS2
The fun of the 2nd Broken Sword is where the characters moves almost 3D. The puzzle is still interesting, tho' not as difficult as first one, I didn't espect much changes, because it will be running too far away from the Broken Sword identity...
I prefer broken sword to be as classic as it is... this is what makes this game different and I look for more.

Although, it need the upgrading story. The story is way too easy to predict. You can figure who the bad guy and what will happen next in short playing.
The mixture between reality, science and fairy tale is a bit absurd and not on the places, seems like a mesh.

The final boss battle was a bit dissapointing, I was especting the dragon will be greater than that. Or atleas the final scene will be a blow up. Turned out it was as plain as the story.

But overall... i always enjoy playing Broken Swords.