10 years ago, Broken Sword went 3D

User Rating: 7.5 | Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon PC
Any fan of the adventure genre have probably came in touch with at least one game of the "Broken Sword" series. Back in the 90´s it was the classic 2D interface for these types of games. Like many adventure games nowdays actually. But back in 2003 the developers thought that it was time for Broken Sword to go 3D.
Of course that had to impact the control of the game. It took me a while to get used to the clunky controls. Your characters could now also run and it frustated me so when they always ran into walls going "oof". How the camera works when switching areas did also cause some annoyance from time to time, making your left keypad suddenly take you right and instantly takes you back to the previously area.

The main characters of the game is of course still George and Nico and the banter between them are still fun to hear. The voiceovers are good and conversations between chars still are this series strongest part. The plot still revolves around the mystic Templars and the adventure takes you around the globe to visit quite a few places – even some places visited in previous games.

The puzzles this time around sometimes forces you to push boxes (ugh) to solve things. At times it feels a little tedious, when for instance the "puzzle" just is for you to get over some wall. There are a lot of times the puzzles get rather hard though. I got stuck quite a few times, especially it was that time with a bloody vine rack that melted my brain.

I rate BS 1 and 2 higher than this, but it is still worth to play this if you are an adventure fan and also not the type that gets aggravated by english with french accents.