It seems a great game for fans of the series, but it just feels ok for me.

User Rating: 7 | Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon PC
For a Broken sword game, it's a revolution to witness the transformation to 3D at that time, which may be a hit for the series' fans, but in the adventure genre, The Longest Journey or Syberia may still be a notch better in terms of gameplay and the puzzles.

The action is scattered into a little dodging and creeping, some climbing and crawling, and quite a handful of crate pushing and pulling. Most of the time, you have to listen to lengthy history lessons and filler info, which slows the pace a lot. However, one of the enjoyable moments in the game is the dialogue of George and Nico which comes from superbly mature writing and feisty voice talents.

Puzzle-solving is quite interactive and engaging though some of them still can baffle the hell out of you even after you refer to a walkthrough. Well, if you love The Davinci Code movie, this game may score for you.