Great adventure game!My second favourite game after The Curse of Monkey Island.

User Rating: 9.8 | Circle of Blood PC
I want to start by saying this is a great classic adventure game.Its really a old school adventure game.It has everything:nice graphics,a solid story,good dialogues,and the thing i like the most in games,humour.

Its really an adventure game packed with a lot of plots,making it very interesting.The places you visit are great to.They give the gamer a large world he has to discover and they all make you feel like Indiana Jones embarked on a long journey to discover the truth about the Templars.

The visual is exactly what you need in an adventure.I would make even now adventures with cartoon graphics,i think it suits adventures at best.

The dialogues are simple,funny and right to the point,not exaggerating just to make the game a bit longer.

The story and the characters are all pieces of this game that fit together perfectly.

I played all of the other Broken Sword games and loved them,but this one ,in my opinion is the greatest one of all thanks to its more elaborated story witch has less flaws then the others,and its more funnier then the rest.So the best thing i can to say after playing this game is:Let the adventure continue!