An underrated adventure mystery game that will become addicting and challenging!

User Rating: 8.5 | Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars GBA
Broken Sword is a great adventure game involving a mystery surrounding the Knights Templar. While not actually an action game, it is more of a detective game where you solve puzzles, interview people, and travel to many locations such as France, Syria, Ireland, Spain, and Britain. You have to make sure to check out everything you can in each scene and talk to everyone you can as many times as it takes (often several). Some of the puzzles are very tricky to solve. You need to save often or risk repeating some very long winded conversations at times. There are even moments where you can be killed and sent back to your last save. This game was unbelievably addicting once I started it and I expect I will try to play it again after a break to play some thing else. I picked this up on a whim at a second hand store and it is probably one of my favorite games I own. If you like a challenge and don't mind reading a bit, this game is great! And you learn quite a bit of history along the way.