The most exciting point-and-click I've ever played!

User Rating: 9 | Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars PS
I remember getting this game in a three game adventure pack, but I'd read the reviews on this game, so I was going to buy it anyways. The games amazing, it's so rewarding when you investigate and get one step further in the mind-boggling puzzle.

What made this game was no doubt the likability factor of the main character, George Stobbart. He is definitely a likeable character to control, and one you can personally relate to. His humour and general mannourisms are fantastic, and really put you in touch with his character. This game is an excellent detective-based point and click adventure, which involves some nice scenary, and culture aswell as some challenging puzzles which are very rewarding when pieced together. This was a very fond memory of gaming history, and I might just buy the entire series over again and play them all the way through. If you haven't tried point-and-clicks, and are intruiged, then this is definitely the title to start with.