a great point and click game that is amazing.

User Rating: 10 | Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars PS
So on the DS/Wii Broken Sword is out now and i hope to pick ip up once i get one of them consoles but i remember when playint the PSONE and PC version of the game. So i love Broken Sword games but Shadow Of The Templar is one of my fav games and this directors cut looks awesome so here is my review.

One of the main reasons is because it was a different from the action/adventure games and something new on the Psone and was hard to track down. i had to get a version that had no cover on it and was from a pawn shop. so before this i finished the second one first and loved it so going into this i was pretty new to point and click games, so here my adventure starts -

The things so great about this game was the story, the story had me so interested in that every time i came home from scholl i wanted to know more. the story is about the templars these ancient people and artfects around this clown that blew up a Cafe you were in. that opening scene had me instantly hooked. A scene involving a A clown, a bombing and a old perv. this scene was great to set up the game.

Then when you start the game you meet a dective and and french cop and you are questioned by him but then you meet Nico who comes a good friend in the game and you meet some great characters in the game that interesting and help you to solve this mystery. But also you visit different placed like Ireland (that dam goat) and go to intersting places.

there are things in the game you have to otherwise you will die. like when you are the hotel when the fing the map you have to drop in the bin other wise of you are searched you get killed. And the other things aswell.

i love the cartoon graphics of the places but of the caracters and it fits the story aswell. i love the story that whats makes this game.

Overall i love this game from the graphics to the story to the charscters just everything i love about this game and it very interesting and i have played it more then once. i can play this game a lot and i can't wait to play the directors cut. - 10/10