Fans of the original may not enjoy the extra bells and whistles.

User Rating: 5.5 | Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars - The Director's Cut MAC
I'm a huge fan of the point/click adventure genre from Police Quest to most of what Lucas Arts put out. I even enjoy a lot of the independent games that people have made recently as an homage to this dying genre. Over the years, I've had several opportunities to play this game only part way through so I was extremely excited to learn that it was being released on the Mac since my home is PC free as of now.

First and foremost that I need to praise is the price. It's only a $10 download so all in all take what I have to say as preparations rather than precautions. By all means, buy this game, for $10 you are not going to feel sorry

Revolutions attempt to add to this game was an intriguing notion but I found myself disappointed with every new element that they added which I'll go over in some detail

New Artwork: they redrew much of the game from character animattions to cut scenes and even added some 3d NPC's in the mix. The original art style in my opinion didn't need any sprucing up. It was fantastic. A sort of Don Bluth (Dragon's Lair games, Secret of Nimh) style and they switch to a more thick line Flash animation style, kind of resembling that show Archer. The main issue is not the change, but rather that they intermingled the 2 styles so at one moment you have beautiful classic animation and the next, an heavy vector style animation. They should have just did a complete overhaul or left it alone.

In addition to this they also added face shots of all the characters during EVERY conversation that take up almost half of the screen. This seemed like a good notion, but the actual sprites below emoted more than the face shots and they didn't even emote correctly. For the most part they are just stagnant still shots of the characters face that change only a couple of times during a conversation. I think this would have been a good addition had they actually animated the close ups of the characters. It just felt like the artist was showing off and they just threw it in there for content sake rather than it helping the overall experience

Lastly with the new art, much of the new story elements have used 3d characters as the NPC's, the movements are horribly animated and proportionally, they are much larger and bulkier than your 2d sprite character. It just doesn't fit, which is the reoccurring theme of all these new elements.

New Story: From what I've played thus far the new story really doesn't add much, but rather distracts from the core story. For those who haven't played the original this is a moot point, but fans of the original will feel like the inclusion of the new story elements really derails the original and you'll find yourself trying to reconcile the 2. Again this is a matter of not fitting together, The original game starts off as you controlling George at the Cafe, but they've added a prologue with you playing as Nico and then it cuts roughly into the beginning with George.

New Audio: Aside from George and Nico the voice acting wasn't so grand with the original, but they've added new dialogue and redid some of the old dialog. The problem is a very obvious quality difference. The old lines are warm and soft in its presentation and the new lines rough and hissy. Again, they don't fit with the original.

Gameplay: I'm trying to recall of the original implemented this, but I don't think they did. The Director's Cut has a radar system for items to pick up or interact with and also made selecting the proper item for the puzzle easier with audible help from the character that you were playing. This has taken much of the challenge away from the game. Some adventure games can be so nonsensical with their puzzles that it's frustrating, others with a little time and reason, you can find out what to do which is really rewarding. The addition of this sort of radar takes away the challenge and sense of enjoyment and satisfaction that you're supposed to get with these types of games. It's just too easy to scan the screen with the mouse and know exactly what you to do...for the most part. With the new story, some of the puzzles were so absurd that I questioned the writers choices to use certain items that by all means didn't make sense for a specific problem.

All this being said I don't recommend this for someone who wants to experience this game again. All the new stuff really takes away form what made this game so great to begin with. However, if you haven't played this game before, you won't be sorry you spent $10 on it and the core story is still intact and you should enjoy playing through, but if you have an eye for details, you'll notice the inconsistencies that all the new elements bring to the table.