"Old school fun"... or... "Talent doesn't need a 3D card"

User Rating: 8.9 | Circle of Blood PC
I am surprised, and quite glad, to notice from the reviews on this page that I am not alone to play 10 years old PC games (my god, 10 years old games! Ain't we weiiiird!)

Circle of Blood is full of humour and charm. The mystery feels authentic, the characters are amusing and alive, and as a player you become much involved in the story.
Okay, I admit the puzzles are rather easy and sometimes a bit odd. All right, the slow leisurely step of the hero is sometimes enervating. But despite those archaic flaws, you will never feel like giving up the game before the end, mainly because the pace at which the mystery unwinds is very well timed.

You like adventure games? You will be delighted at this old fashioned gem of a software.

Technically, I have had no problem to run it under windows XP (SP1). Though before the install, you must set the setup.exe on the CD to compatibility mode with win98. If not, you won't be able to select the drive where to install the game. And by the way... The installation is unique, assisted by voice and providing you with a small arcade game to play while waiting for the program to complete the setup. Excellent concept!