It's never boring for me to play games with colorful almost cartoon-like graphics such as this one.

User Rating: 8.3 | Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars PS
I started becoming a fan of point and click adventure games when i came across the first game of this series by chance. What caught my eye was the graphics on the cover. It's always enjoyable for me to play games with colorful almost cartoon-like graphics, because it's never boring to look at. With the opening scene, it's like you're watching a movie and the mystery presents itself in a huge explosion, immersing yourself completely and quickly in the game. Gameplay and controls are easy and simple, as compared to other adventure games such as Dreamfall ;)
The characters are definitely likeable. They're chemistry together produces a humorous, witty combination that is enjoyable throughout the game. I think these 2 protagonists are surprisingly the x-factor in this great game. Of course this won't be an adventure game without the puzzles, which are challenging and reasonable enough. They sometimes require quick thinking and common sense. But in case you get killed you can always laugh at your silly mistakes before making them right the second time. The plot/story is great although not overly dramatic as Dreamfall ;)
It doesn't have that many loose ends that leave you frustrated and confused. Again, it focuses on how the protagonists are able to deal with different problems and situations. The people they meet also have equally entertaining backgrounds. All in all I would describe this one flexible and intelligent.