A great game that you can keep playing over and over again

User Rating: 9 | Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars GBA
Broken sword shadow of the templars is a really great game, it is also on the pc but i think that it works much better on the GBA.

Graphics - the graphics on this aren't bad, the backgrounds and scenery are very artistic and look really good, the characters look a bit blocky and stiff but its not a problem.

Sound - the sound isn't bad either, the music is very atmospheric but there aren't a lot of sound effects but when there are they're fine.

If you don't like games with a lot of writing then don't bother with this, it has got a lot of puzzle solving in it with loads of descriptions and theres a lot of dialogue to go through because you'll have to interview and question a lot of people.
The story is very immersive and addictive and at times quite funny. As the title suggests it is about the templars so you actually learn quite a bit in the game and in not a boring way.
The puzzles can be really hard at times and it might take you a while but you'll feel good once you've done it.
For people who are looking for action then this isn't the game for you, it is an adventure game where you explore and piece together clues with objects and the environment, with the help from people who give you hints.

I would recommend this game to people who want a challenging, slow paced game that will keep you replaying it constantly.