An old school pixel hunter, that starts with a blast and ends with a puff.

User Rating: 7.4 | Circle of Blood PC
An enjoyable old school pixel hunt adventure game. The visuals of this game are still beautiful, and the sound is great. The voice acting is pretty good most of the times, and the story starts good, but as you progress through the game the story start to become lame and stupid. The one thing that still holds in this game is the humor that can still make you laugh at times.

The pixel hunting adventure games have some major flaws and Circle of Blood is no exception, the back tracking, cd changing routine can be frustrating at times, and the lack of an auto save before the parts you can die in, can turn this game into a frustrating experience at times, especially near the end of the game, as you have to go through some lengthy dialog tree again, and again.

But still this game is fun in most parts and is recommended to anyone who wants to experience the joy of old - pixel hunting, andCircle of Blood is pixel hunting galore.