Satisfying story, amazing art, grade-schooler gameplay

User Rating: 6 | Broken Age: Act 1 MAC

Broken Age: Act I brings a player to mixed reactions. The game was fun but arguably too simple, even for players who are brand new to the “Point & Click Adventure Game” genre. Every puzzle is hardly noticeable as you partake in the storybook like settings of two protagonists as they each try to reach their heroic potential. The voice acting was good, the story was childlike and light hearted, and the soft graphics give the entire thing a sleepy quality to it, which would be fine if the game play itself had any sort of moderately thought provoking intensity to make up for it, but it’s so simple to progress that the entire thing gives the impression of a well craft visual novel than anything else.

Still, the story still had good presentation and flow. Making the audience just curious enough to see what was around the corner and how it’s seemingly two stories are connected was just good enough to keep me playing. It also has to be said that this game is merely one of two “Acts” of a single over arching story. "Act I" ends with a mind tripping twist that makes you eager to see “Act II” when it comes out.