Clearly designed for multiplayer gameplay, campaign itself feels like you are playing an online game. Poor storyline.

User Rating: 5.5 | Brink X360
Brink is a game clearly designed for multiplayer gameplay, the campaign itself feels like you are playing an online game. The objective based gameplay in the campaign for certain gamers could seem a little tedious as these occur throughout the entirety of the game, the missions in the game also seem to be very similar and repetitive. Certainly as a single player game Brink doesn't have much to offer in the terms of storyline.

The graphics in Brink however are something to be admired, they are excellent and compliment the gameplay as a whole.

One thing that is impressive is the amount of creativity the Splash Damage team have put into the game. The SMART system really is a fantastic way of moving your character around the different maps, dependent on your character type you movement is different but at a cost of variable damage thresholds. The fact that you can vault over obstacles with a slender character which a medium character would not be able to reach, really adds a challenge when trying to escape from gun fire.

The customisation in the game is excellent, you can really make a weapon personal to you with your attachments. Having a customised load out suited to your strengths is always a good thing to have in a game. There are also many different customisation options for your character in the game, whether you join the Law or the Resistance you can make your character look truly unique.

It has to be said that despite the storyline being poor, you can clearly see that this game was designed to be a multiplayer game. When you start playing with friends with the brilliantly designed co-op mode or just have other players from around the world joining the game, it transforms. The game becomes more difficult and a lot more amusing (think a more serious version of Team Fortress 2). The unpredictability from the human players in the game gives it a new lease of life as you play through it.

After a year of playing this game, it did not take very long to get tired of the repetitive levels. Brink is however a game I still player fairly frequently as I really do find the multiplayer fantastic. For the price you can buy this game now for, I would definitely recommend it to any gamer.