Bit off more than it could chew

User Rating: 6.5 | Brink PS3
Brink was rather fun, it had some killer customization features, and the story-line was original and had amazing voice actors, it had some rather cool psyche features, such as when selecting a side, the Rebels seemed edgy and on their toes while the Security seemed calm. The AI in the game was alright, and the basic combat idea of movement being just as important as having a gun seemed somewhat true to me, but Brink didn't quite pull off the mechanics of that idea, they really tried to add the use of parkour and realism into this game, and it was a little sketchy. The movement was basically climbing, sliding/jumping and running off walls, and sliding under obstacles, the sliding on the ground could have been done a lot smoother, the other features seemed to be alright. The customization feature was outstanding to me, being able to choose how you look (including facial details and weight class), what to wear and what color the article of clothing could be. And the guns could have swapped attachments and given paint-styles. The four different classes also seemed to stress the idea of teamwork in a war-zone. The online play was sadly the same as the story, like you could play all the story levels, and then go online and play the same thing but with actual people.